Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Show106: December 2, 2007

2008 Grammy Nominee
Further Down
Visits We Wanna Boogie

Hour 1: Show106a

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  1. What You’d Say/Further Down
  2. Power Of Revelation/Further Down (live in studio)
  3. Train Stop/Further Down (live in studio)
  4. Moccasin Blues/Further Down
  5. Hello/Further Down
  6. Hit Or Miss/Further Down
  7. Bottle Of Pain/Further Down (live in studio)
  8. Burnt Side Down/Further Down
  9. Get Your Rocks Off/Further Down


Hour 2: Show106b

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  1. Side By Side/Kay Starr
  2. Wheel Of Fortune/Kay Starr
  3. Bonaparte's Retreat/Kay Starr
  4. If You Love (Really Love Me)/Kay Starr
  5. Comes A-Long-A-Love/Kay Starr
  6. So Tired/Kay Starr
  7. Allez-Vous-En/Kay Starr
  8. The Man Upstairs/Kay Starr
  9. I'll Never Be Free/Kay Starr
  10. Lazy River/Kay Starr
  11. Only You/Platters
  12. Twilight Time/Platters
  13. Crying In The Chapel /Elvis Presley
  14. All Shook Up/Elvis Presley
  15. Arkansas Stomp/Bobby Lee Trammell
  16. Arkansas Twist/Bobby Lee Trammell
  17. The Twist/Chubby Checker
  18. Limbo Rock/Chubby Checker
  19. Great Balls Of Fire/Jerry Lee Lewis
  20. Born to Boogie/Hank Williams Jr.

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