Sunday, March 25, 2007

Show74 March 25, 2007


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  1. Blind Infactuation/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  2. Back Seat Lovin’/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  3. Hillbilly Girl In High Heels/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  4. Honky Tonk Baby/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  5. Rockabilly On The Radio/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  6. Can’t Get Over You/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  7. Bayou Blues/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  8. Swamp Surfin’/Jack Smith& Rockabilly Planet

  9. The Man Comes Around/Johnny Cash

  10. Give My Love To Rose/Johnny Cash

  11. Hang My Head/Johnny Cash

  12. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Johnny Cash

  13. Danny Boy/Johnny Cash

  14. I’m So Lonely I Could Cry


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  1. Down Hearted Blue/Bessie Smith

  2. Gulf Coast Blues/Bessie Smith

  3. Beale Street Mama/Bessie Smith

  4. ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do/Bessie Smith

  5. Midnight Blues/Bessie Smith

  6. Nobody In Town Can Make A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine/Bessie Smith

  7. St. Louis Gal/Bessie Smith

  8. Graveyard Dream Blues/Bessie Smith

  9. Miami, My Amy/Keith Whitley

  10. I’m No Stranger To The Rain/Keith Whitley

  11. Homecoming/Keith Whitley

  12. I Wonder Do You Think Of Me/Keith Whitley

  13. When You Say Nothing At All/Keith Whitley

  14. Don’t Close Yours Eyes/Keith Whitley

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Show73 March,18 2007

Hour 1

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  1. All Momma’s Children/Carl Perkins & John Fogerty

  2. One More Shot/Carl Perkins & Tom Petty

  3. Rockabilly Music/Carl Perkins & Paul Simon

  4. Distance Makes No Difference With Love/Carl Perkins & George Harrison

  5. Give Me Back My Job/Carl Perkins & Bono, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty

  6. Blue Suede Shoes/Carl Perkins & Jimi Hendrix Experience

  7. Don’t Stop The Music/Carl Perkins

  8. Match Box/Carl Perkins & Willie

  9. Go Cat Go/Carl Perkins

  10. Two Old Army Pals/Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash

  11. My Old Friend/Carl Perkins & Paul McCartney

  12. Dumas Walker/Kentucky Headhunters

  13. Rag Top/Kentucky Headhunters

  14. Rock ‘N’ Roll Angel/Kentucky Headhunters

  15. High Steppin’ Daddy/Kentucky Headhunters

  16. Skip A Rope/Kentucky Headhunters

  17. Oh Lonesome Me/Kentucky Headhunters

Hour 2

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  1. You Don’t Have To Go/Jimmy Reed

  2. I Wish You Would/Billy Boy Arnold

  3. Ain’t Times Hard/Floyd Jones

  4. Strange Girl/L.C. McKinley

  5. She Don’t Want Me No More/Jimmy Reed

  6. Hurt My Feelings/Morris Pejoe

  7. Bad Boy/Eddie Taylor

  8. Wheel And Deal/John Lee Hooker

  9. Oop-Dee-Oop/Earl Phillips

  10. Found My Baby/Jimmy Reed

  11. I Was Fooled/Billy Boy Arnold

  12. Cinemascope Baby/Pro McClam

  13. She’s Five Feet Three/L.C. McKinley

  14. You’re Gonna Need Me/Morris Pejoe

  15. Recession/Joe Buckner with Tommy Dean Orchestra

  16. Nothing But Love/Earl Phillips

  17. Unfriendly Woman/John Lee Hooker

  18. I’m Gonna Ruin You/Jimmy Reed

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Show72 March 11, 2007

Hour 1

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  1. Tough It Out/Webb Wilder

  2. Meet Your New Landlord/Webb Wilder

  3. Sittin’ Pretty/Webb Wilder

  4. Big Time/Webb Wilder

  5. Sputnik/Webb Wilder

  6. Run With It/Webb Wilder

  7. King Of The Hill/Webb Wilder

  8. Baby Please Don’t Go/Webb Wilder

  9. A Man In Love/Charlie Feathers

  10. When You Come Around/Charlie Feathers

  11. Pardon Me Mister/Charlie Feathers

  12. Fraulein/Charlie Feathers

  13. Defrost Your Heart/Charlie Feathers

  14. I Don’t Care If Tomorrow Never Comes/Charlie Feathers

  15. We Can’t Seem To Remember To Forget/Charlie Feathers

Hour 2

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  1. Memories Are Made Of This/Dean Martin

  2. That’s Amore/Dean Martin

  3. Return To Me/Dean Martin

  4. Standing On The Corner/Dean Martin

  5. You Belong To Me/Dean Martin

  6. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Dean Martin

  7. Sway/Dean Martin

  8. Innamorata/Dean Martin

  9. Volare/Dean Martin

  10. Angel Baby/Dean Martin

  11. I’ll Always Love You/Dean Martin

  12. Turn Around/Foster And Lloyd

  13. Crazy Over You/Foster And Lloyd

  14. What Do You Want From Me This Time/Foster And Lloyd

  15. Token Of Love/Foster And Lloyd

  16. Hard To Say No/Foster And Lloyd

  17. The Part I Know By Heart/Foster And Lloyd

Show71 March 4, 2007

Hour 1

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  1. Gun Slinger/Bo Diddley

  2. Hey Bo Diddley/Bo Diddley

  3. Doin’ The Crawdaddy/Bo Diddley

  4. Road Runner/Bo Diddley

  5. Diddling/Bo Diddley

  6. Diddy Wah Diddy/Bo Diddley

  7. Crackin’ Up/Bo Diddley

  8. Who Do You Love/Bo Diddley

  9. You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover/Bo Diddley

  10. It Should Have Been Me/Commander Cody

  11. Hot Rod Lincoln/Commander Cody

  12. Down To Seeds And Stems/Commander Cody

  13. Two Triple Cheese/Commander Cody

  14. Rock That Boogie/Commander Cody

  15. Juke Box Jury/Commander Cody

  16. Rockabilly Funeral/Commander Cody

Hour 2

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  1. One O’ Clock Jump/Count Basie

  2. Don Nothin’ Till You Here From Me/Count Basie

  3. Rock-A-Bye Basie/Count Basie

  4. Avenue C/Count Basie

  5. Jumpin’ At The Woodside/Count Basie

  6. Gee Baby Aint’ I Good To Me/Count Basie

  7. Lady Be Good/Count Basie

  8. Baby Won’t You Please Come Home/Count Basie

  9. Basie Boogie/Count Basie

  10. Fish Out Of Water/Wayne Toups

  11. Please Explain/Wayne Toups

  12. Chisel Without The Stone/Wayne Toups

  13. Rockin’ Flames/Wayne Toups

  14. Sweet Stoup Shuffle/Wayne Toups

  15. One Heart Beatin’/Wayne Toups

  16. Night At The Wheel/Wayne Toups

  17. True Love/Wayne Toups

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Show70 February 25, 2007

Hour 1

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  1. Back In The USA/Linda Ronstadt

  2. You’re No Good/ Linda Ronstadt

  3. When Will I Be Loved/ Linda Ronstadt

  4. That’ll Be The Day/ Linda Ronstadt

  5. Ooh Baby/ Linda Ronstadt

  6. Love Is A Rose/ Linda Ronstadt

  7. It’s So Easy/ Linda Ronstadt

  8. Blue Bayou/ Linda Ronstadt

  9. Putting Out Fires/Reba Russell

  10. Restless/ Reba Russell

  11. I Wished I Was Noah/ Reba Russell

  12. Back To You/ Reba Russell

  13. Runaway/Bonnie Raitt

  14. Nick Of Time/ Bonnie Raitt

  15. Thing Called Love/ Bonnie Raitt

  16. The Road’s My Middle Name/ Bonnie Raitt

Hour 2

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  1. Birth Of Rock & Roll/Carl Perkins

  2. Sixteen Candles/Luther Dixon

  3. Class Of ‘55/Chips Moman

  4. We Remember The King/Paul Kennerly

  5. Coming Home/Roy Orbison

  6. Keep My Motor Running/Randy Bachman

  7. I Will Rock & Roll With You/Johnny Cash

  8. Big Train From Memphis/John Fogerty

  9. A Blues Man Needs A Woman/Steve Hall

  10. Hallways/Steve Hall

  11. Hole In My Heart/Steve Hall

  12. I Like Some Bebop In My Blues/Steve Hall

  13. Red Headed Woman/Steve Hall