Sunday, December 09, 2007

Show107: December 9, 2007

Hour 1: Show107a

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  1. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Johnny Cash

2. Mystery Train/Little Jr. Parker & The Blue Flames

3. Honey Don’t/Carl Perkins

4. High School Confidential/Jerry Lee Lewis

5. College Man/Bill Justis

6. Roll Over Beethovan/Carl Perkins

7. Unchained Melody/Charlie Rich

8. Red Hot/Billy “The Kid” Emerson

9. Go Go Go/Roy Orbison

10. What’d I Say/Jerry Lee Lewis

11. Bear Cat/Rufus Thomas

12. Jailhouse Rock/Jerry Lee Lewis

13. Sweet And Easy To Love/Roy Orbison

14. My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It/Sonny Burgess

15. Hey Porter/Johnny Cash

Hour 2:Show107b

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  1. I Feel Good/John Lee Hooker
  2. Baby, Baby/John Lee Hooker
  3. Stand By/John Lee Hooker
  4. Doing Home/John Lee Hooker
  5. Looking Back Over My Day/John Lee Hooker
  6. Roll And Tumble/John Lee Hooker
  7. Baby Don’t Do Me Wrong/John Lee Hooker
  8. Come On Baby/John Lee Hooker
  9. Commencement/Savage Reign
  10. Cruelest Lies/Savage Reign
  11. What Is The Point?/Savage Reign
  12. Fat Dog/Savage Reign

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