Monday, July 24, 2006

23 July 2006: Hour One (Show41a)

  1. A Place Nobody Came From/Sam And Dave
  2. Good Night Baby/Sam And Dave
  3. I Take What I Want/Sam And Dave
  4. Sweet Home/Sam And Dave
  5. You Don't Know Like I Know/Sam And Dave
  6. Hold On I'm Comin'/Sam And Dave
  7. Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody/Sam And Dave
  8. You Got Me Hummin'/Sam And Dave
  9. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/Sam And Dave
  10. Small Portion Of Your Love/Sam And Dave
  11. Smoothe Me/Sam And Dave
  12. Soul Man/Sam And Dave
  13. May I Baby/Sam And Dave
  14. I Thank You/Sam And Dave
  15. Wrap It Up/Sam And Dave
  16. Still Is The Night/Sam And Dave
  17. You Don't Know What You Mean To Me/Sam And Dave
  18. This Is Your World/Sam And Dave
  19. Can't You Find Another Way/Sam And Dave
  20. Soul Sister Brown Sugar/Sam And Dave

23 July 2006: Hour Two: (Show41b)

  1. Rock-A-Billy Reunion/Smoochy Smith
  2. If Bubba Can Dance/J. T. Morgan
  3. You Were There/Kim Curtis
  4. Sweet Sweet Angel/C. W. Gatlin
  5. The Band Won't Stop/Smoochy Smith
  6. Night Lige Is My Weakness/JT. Morgan
  7. Mystery Train/C. W. Gatlin
  8. I Need You/C. W. Gatlin
  9. Drum Time/W. S. Holland
  10. Baby Now That I've Found You/Alison Krauss
  11. Oh Atlanta/Alison Krauss
  12. Broadway//Alison Krauss
  13. Every Time You Say Goodbye/Alison Krauss
  14. Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew/Alison Krauss
  15. When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart/Alison Krauss
  16. Tonight I'll Be Lonely Too/Alison Krauss

Sunday, July 23, 2006

16 July 2006: Hour One (Show40A)

  1. Grits Ain't Groceries/Little Milton
  2. If Walls Could Talk/Little Milton
  3. Just A Little Bit/Little Milton
  4. A Poor Man's Song/Little Milton
  5. Let Get Together/Little Milton
  6. Without My Sweet Baby/Little Milton
  7. I Play Dirty/Little Milton
  8. Blind Man/Little Milton
  9. Baby I Love You/Little Milton
  10. I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  11. Normal Love/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  12. Champagne Jam/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  13. Imaginary Lover/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  14. Ballad Lois Malone/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  15. The Great Escape/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  16. Evileen/Atlanta Rhythm Section

16 July 2006: Hour Two (Show40B)

  1. Cat Scratch Fever/Ted Nugent
  2. Let It Ride/Lynard Skynard
  3. Lady Love/Robin Rawer
  4. Paranoid/Black Sabbath
  5. Statesboro Blues/The Allman Brothers Band
  6. Ready For Love/Bad Company
  7. Locomotive Breath/Jethro Tull
  8. Under My Wheels/Alice Cooper
  9. Why Does Love Got To Be Sad/Derek And The Dominos
  10. Ride With Me/Steppenwolf
  11. Blues Power/Eric Clapton
  12. Black Night/Deep Purple
  13. Train Train/Black Foot
  14. Blue Morning Blue Day/Foreigner
  15. Beggar's Day/Crazy Horse

25 June 2006: Hour One (Show39a)

  1. Whole Lotta Shaking/ Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. You Better Dig It/ Bill Johnson
  3. Lock You In My Heart/ James Woods
  4. Owee Owee/ Wade Caglet & the Escorts
  5. Come Back Baby One More Time/ Billy Lee Riley
  6. Rock House/ Roy Orbison
  7. Why do I Love You/Altos & Jimmy Shnevrpnt
  8. I Wont Be Rocking Tonight/ Jean Chapel
  9. Rock & Roll Ruby/ Warren Smith
  10. Slow Rock& Roll/ Macy Skippers
  11. Diamond Ring/ Jimmy Isle
  12. Hula Hula/ Glenn Honeycutt
  13. Little Bitta Pretty Girl/ Roland James & Eddie Cash
  14. Mona Lisa/ Carl Mann
  15. My Bonnie/ Curtis Hoback
  16. Good Gracious/ Vel-Toner
  17. Ooo Wee/ Brad Suggs
  18. Break Up/ Charlie Rich
  19. Born To Lose/ Van McCoy
  20. Aint Got A Thing/ Sonny Burgess & The Pacers
  21. Hula Bop/ Smokey Joe Baugh
  22. I’m Getting Better All The Time/Barbara Pittman
  23. All I Want Is You/ Jimmy Williams

25 June 2006: Hour Two (Show 39b)

  1. Only the Strong Survive/Jerry Buttler
  2. Hey Western Union Man/Jerry Buttler
  3. Moody Woman/Jerry Buttler
  4. Brand New Me/Jerry Buttler
  5. I Could Write A Book/Jerry Buttler
  6. Walking Around In Teardrops/Jerry Buttler
  7. Don’t Let Love Hang You Up/Jerry Buttler
  8. I Stop on Heaven/Jerry Buttler
  9. Go Away From Yourself/Jerry Buttler
  10. Can't Forget About you Baby/ Jerry Buttler
  11. Its Not Unusual/ Tom Jones
  12. Green Grew Grass of Him/ Tom Jones
  13. Promise Her Anything/ Tom Jones
  14. Release Me/ Englelbert Humperdinck
  15. There Goes My Everything/ Englebert Humperdinck
  16. Your’s Until Tomorrow/ Engelbert Humperdinck
  17. Funny Forgotten Feelings/ David Brookings

18 June 2006: Hour One (Show 38a)

  1. I Got The Blues/ T-Bone Walker
  2. I Got The Blues Again/T-Bone Walker
  3. Street Walking Woman/ T-Bone Walker
  4. Cold Cold Feeling/ T-Bone Walker
  5. You Got Me Running/ Jimmy Whitherspoon
  6. Big Boss Man/ Jimmy Whitherspoon
  7. Going Down Slow/ Jimmy Whitherspoon
  8. Trouble In Mind/ Jimmy Whitherspoon
  9. The Moon is Rising/ Freddy King
  10. Woman Across the River/ Freddy King
  11. Feeling Alright/Freddy King
  12. Mojo Blues/ Freddy King

18 June 2006: Hour Two (Show38b)

  1. BB’s Intro/ BB King
  2. Why I Sing the Blues/ BB King
  3. Outside Help/ BB King
  4. Darlin You Known I Love You/ BB King
  5. Caldonia/ BB King
  6. Every Day I Have The Blues/ BB King
  7. The Letter/ BB King
  8. Sweet Little Angel/ BB King
  9. Guess Who/ BB King

All selections are from the cd "B.B. King and Friends" provided by John Shore of Sun Studio . We Wanna Boogie appreciates your support.