Friday, October 12, 2007

Show 92: August 26, 2007

HOUR ONE (Show92a)

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  1. I Dunno/Georgia Satellites
  2. Bottle Of Tears/ Georgia Satellites
  3. All Over But The Cryin’/ Georgia Satellites
  4. Shake That Thing/Georgia Satellites
  5. Six Years Gone/Georgia Satellites
  6. Games People Play/Georgia Satellites
  7. Another Chance/Georgia Satellites
  8. Bring Down The Hammer/Georgia Satellites
  9. Slaughter House/Georgia Satellites
  10. Stellazine Blues/Georgia Satellites
  11. Gonna Walk/The Belairs
  12. Can’t Give You Up/The Belairs
  13. Hey Little Lee/The Belairs

HOUR TWO (Show92b)

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  1. I’ll Pin A Note On Your Pillow/Billy Joe Royal
  2. Give-Em My Number/Billy Joe Royal
  3. He’ll Have To Go/Billy Joe Royal
  4. Look What You’re Doing To My Heart/Billy Joe Royal
  5. Let It Rain/Billy Joe Royal
  6. Members Only/Billy Joe Royal
  7. It’s Who’s In Your Heart/Billy Joe Royal
  8. Out Of Sight And On My Mind/Billy Joe Royal
  9. It Keeps Right On Hurtin’/Billy Joe Royal
  10. A Place For The Heartache/Billy Joe Royal
  11. Rule The World/Duke Robillard
  12. Sewed Up/Duke Robillard
  13. Live To Give/Duke Robillard

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