Sunday, August 06, 2006

July 30 2006: Hour One (Show42a)

  1. Jealous Lies/Ray Price
  2. Your Wedding Corsage/Ray Price
  3. If You're Ever Lonely Darling/Ray Price
  4. I Saw My Castles Fall Today/Ray Price
  5. You've Got My Troubles Now/Ray Price
  6. I Get the Short End Every Time/Ray Price
  7. Hey La La/Ray Price
  8. Answer To'The Last Letter/Ray Price
  9. Till Death Do Us Part/Ray Price
  10. Beyond the Last Mile/Ray Price
  11. Heartaching Blues/Ray Price
  12. Weary Blues (From Waiting) /Ray Price
  13. Good Rockin' Tonight/Roy Brown
  14. Lollipop Mama/Roy Brown
  15. Fanny Brown/Roy Brown
  16. Mighty Mighty Man/Roy Brown
  17. Boogie At Midnight/Roy Brown
  18. Butcher Pete Part1./Roy Brown
  19. Cadillac Baby/Roy Brown

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