Sunday, August 06, 2006

6 August 2006: Hour One (Show6a Encore)

  1. It's No Secret/Elvis Presley
  2. Blueberry Hill/Elvis Presley
  3. Hot Dog One Night of Sin/Elvis Presley
  4. Teddy Bear/Elvis Presley
  5. Shake Rattle and Roll/Elvis Presley
  6. l I Want You I Need You/Elvis Presley
  7. Hound Dog/Elvis Presley
  8. Don't Be Cruel/Elvis Presley
  9. Paralyzed/Elvis Presley
  10. When My Blue Moon Turns To Cold Again/Elvis Presley
  11. Long Tall Sally/Elvis Presley
  12. First In Line/Elvis Presley
  13. All Shook Up/Elvis Presley
  14. There Will Be Peace In The Valley/Elvis Presley
  15. Fools Rush In/Elvis Presley
  16. Party/Elvis Presley
  17. Lonesome Cowboy/Elvis Presley
  18. You're So Square Baby I Don't Care/Elvis Presley

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