Monday, May 08, 2006

7 May 2006: Hour Two (Show32a)

  1. Who Will The Next Fool Be/Charlie Rich
  2. I Love You Because/Johnny Cash
  3. Red Cadallic And Black Mustache/Warren Smith
  4. I'm Losing You/Red Williams
  5. Tragedy/Thomas Wayne
  6. What Can I Do/Dean Brand
  7. I'll Make It All Up To You/Jerry Lee Lewis
  8. I'll Wait Forever/Anita Wood
  9. Lonely Heart/Carl McVoy
  10. Without A Love/Jimmy Isle
  11. Why Why Why/Ray Smith
  12. Come Back Baby/Billy Lee Riley
  13. Someday You'll Have These Blues/Phillip Walker
  14. Beaumont Blues/Phillip Walker
  15. Breakin' Up Somebody's Home/Phillip Walker
  16. Mama's Gone/Phillip Walker
  17. When It Need's Gettin' Done/Phillip Walker
  18. Sure Is Cold/Phillip Walker
  19. Part Time Love/Phillip Walker

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