Sunday, May 14, 2006

14 May 2006: Hour Two (Show33b)

  1. Looking For A Man/Little Esther
  2. Heart To Heart/Little Esther
  3. The Deacon Moves In/Little Esther
  4. I'm A Bad Bad Girl/Little Esther
  5. Cryin' And Singin' The Blues/Little Esther
  6. Tell Him I Need Him So/Little Esther
  7. Ring A Ding Doo/Little Esther
  8. I'll Be There/Little Esther
  9. The Cryin' Blues/Little Esther
  10. Better Behave/Little Esther
  11. Somebody New/Little Esther
  12. Bring My Lovin' Back To Me/Little Esther
  13. Flyin' Saucers Rock 'n' Roll/Billy Lee Riley
  14. Red Hot/Billy Lee Riley
  15. Rock With Me Baby/Billy Lee Riley
  16. Pearly Lee/Billy Lee Riley
  17. Down By The Riverside/Billy Lee Riley
  18. I Want You Baby/Billy Lee Riley
  19. Trouble Bound/Billy Lee Riley
  20. Wouldn't You Know/Billy Lee Riley
  21. Baby Please Don't Go/Billy Lee Riley

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