Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Show130: May 18, 2008

Interview With Travis Wammack
"The Faster Guitar Player In The South"

Hour 1 (Show130a)

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  1. Loading Up On Love/Travis Wammack
  2. Love Me A Little Bit More/Travis Wammack
  3. Waitin'/Travis Wammack
  4. Rock-N-Roll Blues/Travis Wammack
  5. Try To Find Another Man/Travis Wammack
  6. Southern Women/Travis Wammack
  7. Scratchy- Firefly Medley/Travis Wammack
  8. Sparks/Travis Wammack
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Hour 2 (Show130b)

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  1. Reach Out, I'll Be There/Four Tops
  2. Ask The Lonely/Four Tops
  3. Walk Away Renee/Four Tops
  4. Standing In The Shadows Of Love/Four Tops
  5. If I Were A Carpenter /Four Tops
  6. Baby I Need Your Lovin’/Four Tops
  7. Bernadette /Four Tops
  8. It's The Same Old Song/Four Tops
  9. I Can't Help Myself/Four Tops
  10. Big Girls Don’t Cry/Four Seasons
  11. Dawn (Go Away)/Four Seasons
  12. Candy Girl/Four Seasons
  13. I've Got You Under My Skin/Four Seasons
  14. Let's Hang On/Four Seasons
  15. Rag Doll/Four Seasons
  16. Sherry/Four Seasons
  17. Walk Like A Man/Four Seasons
  18. Stay/Four Seasons
  19. Working My Way Back To You/Four Seasons

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