Sunday, November 11, 2007

Show103: November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day 2007

Hour 1: Show103a

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  1. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/The Andrew Sisters
  2. Dueling Banjos/Dueling Banjos
  3. Earl’s Breakdown/Dueling Banjos
  4. Eighth of January/Dueling Banjos
  5. Farewell Blues/Dueling Banjos
  6. Reuben’s Train/Dueling Banjos
  7. Pony Express/Dueling Banjos
  8. Fire on the Mountain/Dueling Banjos
  9. Hard Ain’t It Hard/Dueling Banjos
  10. Mt. Dew/ Dueling Banjos
  11. The First Time/Freddie Hart
  12. Bless Your Heart/Freddie Hart
  13. Super Kind Of Woman/Freddie Hart
  14. My Hang Up Is You/Freddie Hart
  15. Got The All Overs For You/Freddie Hart
  16. Trip To Heaven/Freddie Hart
  17. Easy Loving/Freddie Hart
  18. The Want-To’s/Freddie Hart
  19. My Woman’s Man/Freddie Hart
  20. GI Jive/Louis Jordan
  21. Get Together/Youngbloods

Wiki Freddie Hart

Freddie Hart- Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Support The Men And Women Who Served In The Military.

National Veteran's Awareness Week
November 11-17 2007

Hour 2: Show103b

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  1. Where the Action Is/Sue Foley
  2. Vertigo Blues/Sue Foley
  3. Love Disease/Sue Foley
  4. 2 Bluebirds/Sue Foley
  5. Stupid Girl/Sue Foley
  6. Let it Go/Sue Foley
  7. Every Hour/Sue Foley
  8. Baby Where Are You/Sue Foley
  9. Roll With Me Henry/Sue Foley
  10. I don’t Want to be Lonely Tonight/Andy Lee
  11. The House Is Rockin/Andy Lee
  12. Gotta Lotta That/Andy Lee
  13. I Need Your Love/Andy Lee
  14. Hillbilly Hwy/Andy Lee
  15. Say Mamma/Andy Lee

View Andy Lee's Boogie on YouTube
Andy Lee website

The Official Sue Foley Website

Wiki Sue Foley

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