Sunday, April 22, 2007

Show77 April 15, 2007


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  1. Travelin' Man/Ricky Nelson
  2. Hello Mary Lou/Ricky Nelson
  3. Poor Little Fool/Ricky Nelson
  4. Lonesome Town/Ricky Nelson
  5. Believe What You Say/Ricky Nelson
  6. I'm Walkin'/Ricky Nelson
  7. Waitin' In School/Ricky Nelson
  8. Ever Lovin'/Ricky Nelson
  9. Fools Rush /Ricky Nelson
  10. Stood Up/Ricky Nelson
  11. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It /Ricky Nelson
  12. Never Be Anyone But You/Ricky Nelson
  13. Rockin' On The Railroad/Wild Angels
  14. Don't Leave Me Now/Wild Angels
  15. Miss Froggie/Wild Angels
  16. Weekend Time To Rock/Wild Angels
  17. Boogie Woogie Country Boy/Wild Angels
  18. It'll Be Me/Wild Angels
  19. Let Her Out/Wild Angels
  20. Moonshine Boogie/Wild Angels

Visit the official Ricky Nelson website.

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  1. Hittin' Where It Hurts/Webb Wilder
  2. Human Cannonball/Webb Wilder
  3. Do You Know Something I Don't Know/Webb Wilder
  4. Cold Front/Webb Wilder
  5. Safeside/Webb Wilder
  6. What's Wrong With You/Webb Wilder
  7. Aint That a Lot Of Love/Webb Wilder
  8. Skeleton Crew/Webb Wilder
  9. San Antonio Rose/Floyd Cramer
  10. Sweat Dreams/Floyd Cramer
  11. I Can't Stop Lovin' You/Floyd Cramer
  12. Lovesick Blues/Floyd Cramer
  13. You Win Again/Floyd Cramer
  14. Tennessee Waltz/Floyd Cramer
  15. Faded Love/Floyd Cramer
  16. Green Grass Of Home/Floyd Cramer
  17. Let It Be Me/Floyd Cramer

Visit the official Webb Wilder
Also check out this Webb Wilder website.

More about Floyd Cramer in the Country Music Hall of Fame
Floyd Cramer was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

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