Friday, April 27, 2007

Show78 April 22, 2007

Hour 1

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  1. Fine Little Mama/Billy Lee Riley
  2. Wintertime Blues/Billy Lee Riley
  3. I'm Him/Billy Lee Riley
  4. It Never Rains Till It Rains On You/Billy Lee Riley
  5. Nothing But The Devil/Billy Lee Riley
  6. I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby/Billy Lee Riley
  7. Rock Me Baby/Billy Lee Riley
  8. Take Me Back Baby/Billy Lee Riley
  9. Ooh-Ee Baby/Albert King
  10. Why Are You So Mean To Me/Albert King
  11. Need You By My Side/Albert King
  12. The Time Has Come/Albert King
  13. I Walked All Night Long/Albert King
  14. I've Made Night By Myself/Albert King
  15. Old Blue Ribbon/Albert King
  16. Let's Have A Natural Ball/Albert King

Billy Lee Riley
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Albert King Tribute Band
Albert King In Session with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Hour 2

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  1. Tequila/The Champs
  2. Telstar/The Champs
  3. Chariot Rock/The Champs
  4. Rebel Rouser/The Champs
  5. Go Champ Go/The Champs
  6. Raunchy/The Champs
  7. Percolator/The Champs
  8. La Cucaracha/The Champs
  9. Tequila Twist/The Champs
  10. Istanbul/The Champs
  11. Honky Tonk/The Champs
  12. Bristol Stomp/The Champs
  13. Someday You'll Want Me To Want You/Patsy Cline
  14. Love Letter In The Sand/Patsy Cline
  15. Blue Moon Over Kentucky/Patsy Cline
  16. Sweet Dreams Of You/Patsy Cline
  17. Always/Patsy Cline
  18. Does Your Heart Beat For Me/Patsy Cline
  19. Bill Bailey Want You Please Come Home/Patsy Cline
  20. He Called Me Baby/Patsy Cline
  21. Crazy Arms/Patsy Cline
  22. You Took Him Off My Hands/Patsy Cline



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