Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Show 66 January 28, 2007 special guests WS Holland and Backroads

Hour One (Show66a)

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  1. Blue Suede Shoes/Carl Perkins
  2. You Walked Tall/The Tenneessee Three
  3. Folsom Prison Blues/The Tenneessee Three
  4. I Still Missed Someone/The Tenneessee Three
  5. Mad Dog 20/20 Vision/The Tenneessee Three
  6. Drum Time/The Tenneessee Three
  7. I've Got Stipes/The Tenneessee Three
  8. I Walked The Line/The Tenneessee Three
  9. There You Go/The Tenneessee Three
  10. Ring Of Fire/The Tenneessee Three
  11. My Baby Walked All Over Me/The Tenneessee Three
  12. A Legend/The Tenneessee Three

    Hour Two (Show 66b)

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  1. Hideaway/Lonnie Brooks
  2. You Put It To Me/Lonnie Brooks
  3. Sweet Little Angel/Lonnie Brooks
  4. Shakin' Little Mama/Lonnie Brooks
  5. Can't Hold Out Much Longer/Lonnie Brooks
  6. The Train And The Horse/Lonnie Brooks
  7. Sunday In The South/Backroads
  8. Burning Love/Backroads
  9. One More Time/Backroads
  10. Funk/Backroads

The band is available for bookings by contacting

Mr.David Kellums of Big Moon Promotions at (870)-450-0400.

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