Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show126: April 20, 2008

Hour One (Show126a)

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1. Forty Days/Wade Cagle & The Escorts
2. Oowee Oowee/Wade Cagle & The Escorts
3. Lovestruck/Jerry McGill & The Topcoats
4. She'S A Woman/Smokey Joe Baugh
5. Trouble/Johnny Powers
6. Gonna Give A Party/James And The Woods
7. Hey Mr Shoes/James And The Woods
8. Somehow I'll Find A Way/Roger Fakes
9. Why Do I Love You/Alton And Jimmy
10. What's The Use/Alton And Jimmy
11. Don'T Be Runnin'Wild (Problem Child)/Ken Cook
12. I Was A Fool/Ken Cook
13. Stairway To Nowhere/Ernie Barton
14. Little Bitty Pretty Girl/Roland Janes & Eddie Cash
15. Baby I Don't Care/Eddie Bush
16. Stop The World & Let Me Off/Carl Mann
17. Born To Lose/Carl McVoy
18. It Makes No Difference Now/Carl McVoy
19. Yes Ma'am/Charlie Rich
20. Trip Into Love/Curtis Hoback & The Stardusters
21. Hula Hula/Glen Honeycutt

Hour Two (Show126B)

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1. Joy To The World/Three Dog Night
2. Shambala (Single Version)/Three Dog Night
3. One (Single Version)/Three Dog Night
4. Black And White/Three Dog Night
5. Easy To Be Hard/Three Dog Night
6. Never Been To Spain/Three Dog Night
7. Celebrate/Three Dog Night
8. Mama Told Me Not To Come/Three Dog Night
9. Dixie Chicken (LP Version)/Little Feat
10. Roll Um Easy (LP Version)/Little Feat
11. On Your Way Down (LP Version)/Little Feat
12. Lafayette Railroad (LP Version)/Little Feat
13. Fool Yourself (LP Version)/Little Feat
14. Two Trains (LP Version)/Little Feat

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