Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Show84: June 17, 2007

Hour One (Show84)

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Marty Robbins Official Website

Kristy’s Marty Robbins page

Marty Robbins: Answers.com

1. El Paso/Marty Robbins

2. Devil Woman/Marty Robbins

3. Ribbon Of Darkness/Marty Robbins

4. Tonight Carmen/Marty Robbins

5. El Paso City/Marty Robbins

6. Return To Me/Marty Robbins

7. Some Memories Just Won’t To Die/Marty Robbins

8. My Woman, My Woman, My Wife/Marty Robbins

9. You Gave Me A Mountain/Marty Robbins

10. What A Wonderful Life/Boston Rockabilly

11. Mohair Sam/Boston Rockabilly

12. Don’t Leave Me Now/Boston Rockabilly

13. Singing The Blues/Boston Rockabilly

14. Lover Please/Boston Rockabilly

15. Such A Night/Boston Rockabilly

16. Rock A Beatin’ Boogie/Boston Rockabilly

Boston Rockabilly - Playing Like It Was!

Hour Two (Show84b)

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The Official Site of Chuck Berry

The Chuck Berry Page

Chuck Berry - Mr. Rock'n'Roll

  1. Maybellene/Chuck Berry
  2. Thirty Days/Chuck Berry
  3. You Can’t Catch Me/Chuck Berry
  4. Too Much Monkey Business/Chuck Berry
  5. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man/Chuck Berry
  6. Roll Over Beethoven/Chuck Berry
  7. Havana Moon/Chuck Berry
  8. Schools Day/Chuck Berry
  9. Rock And Roll Music/Chuck Berry
  10. Oh Baby Doll/Chuck Berry
  11. Reelin’ And Rockin’/Chuck Berry
  12. Sweet Lil’ Sixteen/Chuck Berry
  13. Let The Chips Fall/Charley Pride
  14. I Know One/Charley Pride
  15. Does My Ring Hunt Your Finger/Charley Pride
  16. Where Do I Put Her Money/Charley Pride
  17. All I Have To Offer You Is Me/Charlie Pride
  18. Is Anybody Going To San Antonio/Charley Pride
  19. Just Between You And Me/Charley Pride

Charley Pride Official Web Site

Charley Pride Mississippi Musician.

Charley Pride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Charlie Pride Lyrics || Charlie Pride Song Lyrics

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