Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Show 69 February 18, 2007

Hour 1

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  1. Blue Turning Grey Over You/Louie Armstrong

  2. Dear Old Southland/Louie Armstrong

  3. My Sweet/Louie Armstrong

  4. I Can’t Believe That You’re Love With Me/Louie Armstrong

  5. Indian Cradle Song/Louie Armstrong

  6. Exactly Like You/Louie Armstrong

  7. Dinah/Louie Armstrong

  8. Tiger Rag/Louie Armstrong

  9. Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas/Louie Armstrong

  10. I’m In The Market For You/Louie Armstrong

  11. The Twist/Chubby Checker

  12. Pony Time/Chubby Checker

  13. Limbo Rock/Chubby Checker

  14. The Hucklebuck/Chubby Checker

  15. The Fly/Chubby Checker

  16. Popeye The Hitchhiker/Chubby Checker

  17. The Fly/Chubby Checker

  18. Slow Twisting/Chubby Checker

  19. Let’s Twist Again/Chubby Checker

  20. Dancin’ Party/Chubby Checker

Hour 2

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  1. Bad Bad Leroy Brown/Jim Croce

  2. Operation That’s Not The Way It Feels/Jim Croce

  3. Time In A Bottle/Jim Croce

  4. Which Way Are You Goin’/Jim Croce

  5. I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song/Jim Croce

  6. The Way We Used To Be/Jim Croce

  7. Photographs And Memories/Jim Croce

  8. Age/Jim Croce

  9. Railroads And Riverboats/Jim Croce

  10. Roller Derby Queen/Sonny Burgess

  11. If I Could I Would/Sonny Burgess

  12. Tiger Rose/Sonny Burgess

  13. Big Black Cadallic/Sonny Burgess

  14. Six Nights A Week/Sonny Burgess

  15. Hang Up The Moon/Sonny Burgess

  16. Bigger Than Elvis/Sonny Burgess

  17. Leave Your Lovin’ At Home/Sonny Burgess

  18. You Tear Me Up/Sonny Burgess

  19. Fly Right On By/Sonny Burgess

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