Monday, December 04, 2006

Show 59: December 3, 2006

Hour One (Show59a)

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  1. Fannie Mae/Buster Brown
  2. John Henry/Buster Brown
  3. Madison Shuffle/Buster Brown
  4. St. Louis Blues/Buster Brown
  5. When Things Go Wrong/Buster Brown
  6. Lose In A Dream/Buster Brown
  7. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/Buster Brown
  8. Don't Dog Your Woman/Buster Brown
  9. Blueberry Hill/Buster Brown
  10. Sincerely/Buster Brown
  11. I'm Going But I'll Be Back/Buster Brown
  12. Good News/Buster Brown
  13. Raise A Ruckus Tonight/Buster Brown
  14. Dr. Brown/Buster Brown
  15. Mars Attack/Mars Attack
  16. 99 Ways/Mars Attack
  17. All Night Boogie/Mars Attack
  18. Baby Baby/Mars Attack
  19. Time In My Heart/Mars Attack
  20. The Way I Bop/Mars Attack

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Hour Two (Show59B)

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  1. Feelin Good/Junior Parker
  2. Fussin & Fighten' Blues/Junior Parker
  3. My Baby/James Cotton
  4. Straighten Up Baby/James Cotton
  5. Love My Baby/Junior Parker
  6. Mystery Train/Junior Parker
  7. Grandmother Got Grandfather Told/Walter Horton
  8. In The Mood/Walter Horton
  9. Feel So Bad/Junior Parker
  10. Harmonica Jam/Coy "Hot Shot" Love
  11. Wolf Call BoogieCoy "Hot Shot" Love
  12. Sittin' At The Bar/Junior Parker
  13. Sittin' Drinkin' And Thinkin'/Junior Parker
  14. Bonus Pay/Pat Hare
  15. Cotton Crop Blues/James Cotton
  16. Hold Me In Your Arms/James Cotton
  17. High/Kenneth Banks
  18. Blue Man/Kenneth Banks
  19. We All Gotta Go Sometime/Walter Horton

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