Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jeannie And The Guys 2006 Calendar

As mentioned on today's show, Sonny would like to offer you a Jeanie And The Guys 2006 calendar. It's free. Just mail a 9x12 self-addressed stamped envelope to:

PO Box 2160
State University, Arkansas, 72467

Jeannie And The Guys have been featured on "We Wanna Boogie". They've been called the best all-around band in the country.

Sonny Burgess is a member of this group, along with Jean Hendrix (lead singer and drummer), Zyndall Raney (keyboard and vocals), Marcus Grady (guitar and vocal) and Doug Greeno (bass and vocals).

Check out their cd's. Jeannie And The Guys Number 1 and Number 2. The cd's were recorded at Raney Recording Studio, located in Drasco, Arkansas.

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